1.0 Authority: The Event will be conducted under the National Competition Rules of the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA), these Event Regulations and any Competitor Newsletters, Further Event Regulations, Instructions and Route Instructions as and when published by the Organisers. AASA authorises the Event. The Event is a Road Rally Event, (incorporating speed sub-events), with Special Tests. The event will be known as the “TOUR de ADELAIDE RALLY”, hereinafter referred to as the EVENT.

2.0 Organisation: The Event will be organised by Motoring Events Management Pty. Ltd.

3.0 The Organising Committee.

  • Event Director/Clerk of Course – Rowan Harman, Assistant
  • Clerk(s) of Course – Peter Howgate & Justin Bellette
  • Event Secretary – Nadine Bellette
  • Scoring and IT – Phil West
  • Scrutiny – Graeme Palmer
  • FIV & Safety – WAP Motorsport Services

All correspondence to:

    P.O. Box 5030, STUDFIELD, VIC, 3152.

4.0 Judges of Fact: In respect of Compliance of:

  • Exhaust system efficiency – Scrutineer’s and Control Officials.
  • Document accuracy, Road – Control Officials, Event – Secretary of the Event.
  • Radar Speed Checks – Officials trained in the use of speed detection devices.
  • Sub-event timing – Timing Officials.
  • Direction of travel and activity at controls – Control Officials.
  • Vehicle eligibility – Scrutineer’s.

5.0 Event Start: The Event is to start at 08:00, Sunday 24 February at Hahndorf, SA.

6.0 Event Entry. Entry is by Invitation. Entry Forms must be accompanied by the applicable fees. Entry is limited to 60 Crews. Entry opens 12 November 2013. Entry closes Friday 11 January 2013 or when fully subscribed. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse Entry.

6.1 Event Entry Fees.

  • Driver/Navigator. Driver/Navigator (in. Entry Reservation Deposit) – $2150.00 per crew.
  • Double Driver.  (inc. Entry Reservation Deposit) $2350.00 per crew.
  • Entry Fee Deposit – $415.00

Refer ‘Entry Fee Provides’ in these Regulations. All fees include GST. Entry is by mail by a completed Entry Form accompanied by the applicable Entry Fee. Full Entry Fee must be paid by 11 January 2013.

6.2 Lodgement Of Entry: The Entry Form must be lodged with the Secretary of the Event, P.O.Box 5030, Studfield, Vic, 3152. An Entry Form by facsimile will be regarded as an ‘intention to compete’ only, will not be published and will not be binding on the Organisers.

6.3 Withdrawal of Entry: From 12 November 2012 until 11 January 2013, withdrawal of an Entry must be in writing to the Secretary of the Event. A refund of the Entry Fee (or Entry Deposit) paid will be made, less 20% of the full Entry Fee that shall be retained by the Organisers and append towards administration costs. From 11 January 2013, up to and including 28 February 2013, no refund of Entry fees paid by the Competitor will be made. Entries are transferable subject to approval by the Organisers. Refunds will only be available following the Event.

7.0 Persons Eligible: The Event is open to: Crews that are holders of a current Civil Licence issued by a State or Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia and a (minimum) AASA Club Racing Licence or higher or an AASA recognised equivalent standard competition licence. The AASA Club Licence application is available from

8.0 Insurance: All Competitors/Officials are covered by the AASA Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance Policies.

9.0 Abandonment: The Organisers reserve the right to postpone, abandon or cancel the Event at any point.

10.0 Alcohol & Drugs: The consumption of alcohol and/or drugs by competitors during competition is forbidden.

11.0 Compliance with Instruction: For the duration of the Event, failure to follow the directions of any Official, these Event Regulations, Competitor Bulletins or Further Regulations, as and when published, will render a competitor liable to a penalty to be decided by the Clerk of Course.

12.0 Event Briefing/Crew Briefing: Final Credentials, the Event, Crew and Navigation Briefing will be conducted at the Hahndorf Resort, Hahndorf, at 18:00 on Saturday 23 February 2013. Attendance by both Crew Members is mandatory.

13.0 Scrutiny & Documentation:  Melbourne Scrutiny will be conducted at Motoring Events Management, 2/14 Keith Campbell Court Scoresby from 17:30 until 20:00, Thursday 21 February 2013. Hahndorf Scrutiny will be conducted at the Hahndorf Resort, Hahndorf from 16:30 until 18:00, Saturday 23 February 2013.

Required at Scrutiny,

  • Helmets: To AS1698 for each occupant,
  • Documentation: Civil Driving Licences/Permits, AASA Licences (or similar) for all Crew and Vehicle Registration Papers. If the vehicle is registered in Queensland, a Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTPI) extension document valid for the Event must be presented (refer 13.1 below).

13.1 Vehicles registered in Queensland: Under the “Transport Operations (Road Use Management-Vehicle Registration) Regulation 1999” vehicles registered in Queensland require a Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTPI) extension valid for the Event. The CTPI extension document must be presented at Scrutiny and Event Documentation.

14.0 Vehicle Eligibility. Vehicle eligibility is based on manufacturer produced performance, sporting, grand touring and thoroughbred type vehicles. Vehicles may be modified and enhanced for competition. The Organisers reserve the right to reject an entered vehicle modified beyond levels deemed acceptable to the Event.

14.1 Roadworthiness: Vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition for the duration of the Event and be registered (Full, CH, Rally Registration, Permit) and carry third party insurance.

14.2 All cars must be fitted with:

  • Seat Belts to AS E35 or of a type complying with current regulations.
  • One or more Fire Extinguisher(s), securely fitted (metal bracket preferred) that complies with AS 1841, (except 1841-2), AS 1846 or AS 1848. The capacity of the Extinguisher(s) must be of at least 1 kg capacity, if dry powder.
  • A First Aid Kit.
  •  Two, (2), Safety Triangles.

Fuel must be “Commercial Fuel”. Roll bars, if fitted, must meet current regulations.

14.3 Tyres: Only road registrable tyres will be allowed for the duration of the Event, including all Sub-Events. The tyres fitted to the car, as presented at Scrutiny, providing they meet requirements, must be used for the duration of the Event. Only two, (2), spare tyres, of the same type and tread may be carried for the duration of the Event. Tyres may be marked at Scrutiny.

14.4 Noise: All competing cars must comply with the maximum exhaust noise level emission of 90dB(A) as appropriate, as measured according to the method detailed in the ‘National Stationary Exhaust Noise Test Procedures for In-Service Motor Vehicles’. This compliance may be checked at Official Scrutiny or at any time during the Event. Any car found to exceed the allowable limit will not be permitted to continue in the Event until compliance is restored.

14.5 Competition Numbers: The Organisers will supply self adhesive Event competition number panels with numbers to each competitor (up to 400mm x 400mm) at Scrutiny. The competition number panels are to be affixed to the front doors prior to competition.

14.6 Sponsor Decals: The Organisers will supply Event sponsor decals that must be affixed to the competition vehicle prior to the Event Start and must remain in place on the vehicle for the duration of the Event and display days.

15.0 Scoring:
Each run of each Sub-Event of the Event will be scored individually. Points will be awarded in order of finishing from highest to lowest as follows:

  • 1st = 100 points, 2nd = 99 points, 3rd = 98 points, 4th = 97 points etc and so on down to the last competitor.
  • In the event of “Tied Places”, the average of the scores for those places will be awarded to each Crew. Thus, if three Crews tied for second place, add 99 + 98 + 97 = 294 divided by 3 = 98 points per Crew.

15.1 Runs per Sub–Event: Each Driver and Co-Driver will be eligible for a minimum of one timed run per Sub-Event. Additional runs may be included by the Organisers. All runs per Sub-Event are scored. (Refer 15.5)

15.2 Penalties for Sub–Events: (as applicable)…

  • Hit Cone = + 5 Seconds per Cone
  • Missed Gate = + 20 Seconds
  • Did Not Complete Full Course = + 60 Seconds
  • Did Not Finish = Slowest Time + 20 Seconds
  • Did Not Start = No Score – Nil points
  • Jump Start = + 20 Seconds

15.3 Penalties for Transport Sections:

  • Exceeding Speed Limits = Penalty up to exclusion from the Event plus a monetary fine.
  • Excessive Speed = Exclusion from the Event.
  • Lost Road Card = No Points for Sub-Event.
  • Late Time Deduction = 1 Point Penalty per minute or part there of.

15.4 Navigation Points and Penalties: Points for each Navigation and Observation Section will be totaled and added to your score.

  • Information + 4 points earned
  • Wrong Direction at Passage Control – 4 points deducted
  • Information with Stamp + 8 points earned
  • Failure to Observe Road Laws – 10 points deducted
  • Passage Control + 8 points earned
  • Each Minute Late – 1 point deducted
  • Dummy Information + 2 points earned (If both Correct Information and Dummy Information are entered on the Road Card, only Dummy Information points (2) apply to score.
  • Max Late Time, up to 15 mins – 15 points deucted
  • Navigation Section completed after Finish Control has Closed – 30 points deducted.
  • Lost Route Card – No Points for Sub-Event.

15.5 Points Score Total: Competitors Points Score Total will be from all Speed and Sub-Events and Navigations. From the Points Score Total, each Competitor will then ‘drop’ their lowest Speed or Sub-Event points from the Points Score Total. The ‘dropped points’ does not apply to Observation or Navigation Sub-Events.

16.0 Protests: Competitors are encouraged to make any query during the Event, in writing, (forms will be provided on request), with the Assistant Clerk of Course. Should a query not be resolved to the Competitors satisfaction, a Written Protest regarding the issue/Event may be made and must be lodged with the Clerk of Course for a decision. Should the decision by the Clerk of Course not be accepted by the competitor, the Competitor has the right to Appeal to the AASA for adjudication by AASA Stewards at a time to be set following the Event.

17.0 Awards: Awards for the Event will be determined according to the most number of points gained by Drivers, Navigators and/or Co-Drivers during the Sub-Events, (Refer 15.5). 1st Outright Crew will be deemed the winners of the Event.

17.1 Trophies: Trophies will be awarded for…

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Crew per Category/Class.
  • 1st Outright Driver. – Trophy for 1st Outright Co-Driver.
  • Highest Score in Navigations
  • Grand Trophy for 1st Outright Crew.
  • 2nd and 3rd Crews Outright.
  • The “Dean Richards Perpetual Trophy” for the “Spirit of the Event”.

117.2 Award Presentations: All Award presentations will be made at the TOUR de ADELAIDE RALLY “Dean Richards” Presentation Luncheon to be held on Thursday 28 February 2013 at the Royal Coach Motor Inn, Dequetteville Terrace, Adelaide from 12:00 ACDT.

18.0 Categories/Classes: The competition will be divided into the following Categories/Classes;

  • Classic: Vehicles manufactured up to end 1975
  • Modern Classic: Vehicles manufactured from 1976 – 1989
  • Modern: Vehicles manufactured from 1990 to 2012.
  • Holden vs Ford: All Holden and Ford Falcon vehicles.
  • Mustang: All Mustang vehicles.
  • Porsche Plate: All Porsche. (Excluding 356 Models)
  • Super Cup: AWD/4WD vehicles (other than Classic/Modern Classic).

18.1 Capacity Classes: Capacity classes within the above Categories and/or additional Categories will be determined at the discretion of the Organising Committee to reflect the Entry and will be advised in future Competitor Bulletins. Any Class which attracts less than three, (3), entries will be combined with next age or capacity Class at the discretion of the Organisers. Turbocharger/Supercharger equivalence factors apply.

19.0 Apparel: For all Speed and Auto-Test Sub-Events Crews must be attired in non-flammable clothing, including cover from ankle to wrist to neck and Helmets. For Open Cars, prohibited are goggles with lenses of glass. Competitors must wear Lenses or Visors of a high impact resistance,  satisfactory optical quality and comply with AS 1609 – 1981 during all non-navigation sub events.

20.0 Event Entry Provides: The full Entry Fee provides: All administration, surveys, negotiations with relevant authorities, AASA Permits, all correspondence, provision of staff and Officials leading up to and for the duration of the Event and includes,

  • The Event Manual and all Maps and Route Instructions.
  • Luncheon all days. Morning and Afternoon Teas where applicable.
  • 2 x Tickets to the “Peter Lehmann Wines Dinner” (Tanunda – Tuesday)
  • 2 x Tickets for the Presentation Luncheon (Thursday)
  • Personal Accident Insurance Cover for Driver and/or Co-Driver – Navigator for the Event.
  •  Provision of First Aid and FIV Crew for the duration of the Event.
  • Event Merchandise and Apparel.
  • Competition number panels, Rally Event and Sponsor decal kit, 2 per entry.
  • 2 x General Admission Tickets to the CLIPSAL 500 Adelaide**** (To Be Confirmed)
  • Clipsal 500 Adelaide Vehicle Display access.**** To be confirmed.
  • Event Awards. (As per Awards).

21.0 Accommodation: The Organisers will provide an accommodation listing for the Event.

22.0 General Administration:

  • Third Party Property/Comprehensive insurance is the sole responsibility of the Competitor.
  • It is a condition of Entry that all participants comply with all Road Laws.
  • The route distance for the Event is approx. 875 km, over sealed roads.
  • Starting order for the Event will be by Ballot. The Organisers reserve the right to alter the starting order during the Event.
  • Further Supplementary Regulations and/or Competitor Bulletins will define locations and times not specified in these Regulations.
  • As the Event involves navigation sections, the presence of operative “GPS” in a competing vehicle is not permitted. The Maps provided by the Organisers for the 2013 Event are the only Maps permitted for the plotting of, or in the competing vehicle during, navigation sections. Navigational aids via Internet access or GPS using portable devices  is strictly prohibited. Any such device in the competing vehicle must be sealed by Officials prior to the start of any Navigation Event. Any breach will incur instant exclusion from the Event.
  • There is no ‘2mm Rule’ and ‘O Board’ regulations for Navigation Sections in this event.
  • Each Competitor is to present their car at Event Start (not withstanding Scrutiny Requirements) at least 30 minutes prior to the Official Start of the Event.
  • Interstate and Regional Competitors (that are not attending Melbourne or Hahndorf  Scrutiny) will be required to present their Competitor Documentation and Scrutiny Documentation at least 30 minutes prior to the Event Briefing at Tailem Bend.
  • Advertising on competing vehicles is permitted.
  • Once the Event has commenced, all competing vehicles must be driven under their own motive power for the duration of the Event.
  • A target time will be set for each Transport, (not Touring), part of the Event
  • Entered cars may be substituted after notification to the Clerk of Course and having passed Scrutiny. Crews in cars substituted after the completion of the first Sub-Event are not eligible for Awards unless all other Competitors sign a written approval.
  • All details are correct at time of publication. The Event Organisers reserve the right to alter the scheduled program of events provisions of the Event as and when may be required.



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